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Legalize All Drugs

The war on “drugs” has been one of the greatest moral failures of our time, a colossal waste of money, time, resources and human life that could have been better spent on literally anything else. It’s high time we put an end to it.

Using Email

Most email users are using email the worst way possible. Let’s talk about the right way to use email.

Use Free Software

Free software is defined by the four essential freedoms. Learn why each freedom is essential and how they work together to protect users.

Networked EV Charging Stations

Networked EV charging stations are a threat to democracy and national security. Collecting the locations on millions of law-abiding citizens is a capability no government or private entity should be allowed have. When I was attending SIUe in October of 2019, I emailed the parking services staff about the privacy concerns I had about the new Chargepoint stations that were being installed and encouraged them to install non-networked stations instead.

Back Up Your Data

This post is a public service announcement about backups inspired by the post I lost. I’ve had my own backups for over 5 years, and never have I lost any data from those backups. The following advice is meant for individuals, not a corporate or business setting.