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[Video] Don't Talk to the Police

Professor James Duane tells viewers why you should always use the 5th amendment and never talk to the police without an attorney present, especially if you’re innocent.

[Documentary] The Norden: Prison

The Norden

The Norden is a documentary series made in 2014 first aired by Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE. It presents the Nordic welfare model from an outsider’s perspective. The first episode looks at the Norwegian prison system. It captures so much of what’s wrong with “tough” prisons like those in America and most importantly it shows a better alternative. It promotes a prison model based on rehabilitation, not revenge.

[Article] You Should Be Using an Old Computer

There is a war being waged on general-purpose computing. Every year manufacturers come up with new ways to make your computer harder to repair thereby increasing e-waste. Every year software companies make their ecosystems more locked down giving you less and less control over your own devices. To not use an old Thinkpad is to be on the wrong side of this war.

[Documentary] Sicko

In the documentary film Sicko Michael Moore does a great job of comparing the US healthcare system with healthcare in the rest of the civilized world by showcasing the wastefulness and cruelty of the US system.

Consumer Data Protection is a Distraction

“User data is protected by the strict privacy laws of (insert country here)”, “We don’t log your IP, trust us!” and “We provide next-generation security!” are all industry lies. Don’t fall for them. No one knows how to fully secure data on a computer let alone an entire organization. Businesses can’t protect your data. Don’t give it to them.

[Video] Fixing Social Media for Good

Recent events have brought the issue of social media censorship to the forefront. Luke Smith proposes federated platforms as a permanent fix for social media censorship.

[Fable] The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant

Rockstar philosopher Nick Bostrom uses fable to convince us why humanity must cure death as quickly as possible.

[Podcast] The Key to Trump's Appeal

About 40% of the US population is wondering how the hell someone like Donald J. Trump ever became president. The other half of the country offers a range of different answers, none quite convincing. Sam Harris suggests an underlying psychological factor that is a counterbalance to the left’s political correctness.

[Podcast] Why Trump is Unfit For Office

In his Making Sense podcast Sam Harris talks about why Donald Trump is unfit for public office. For reference, these clips come from Making Sense episodes #38 and #45. They were recorded before the 2016 presidential election but the past 4 years have only shown how right Harris was in his judgement of Trump.

[Book] Lying

Sam Harris talks about how lying is more harmful than most people imagine. From white lies, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy to more serious political deception, Sam makes the case for not lying in any situation.