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Networked EV Charging Stations

Networked EV charging stations are a threat to democracy and national security. Collecting the locations on millions of law-abiding citizens is a capability no government or private entity should be allowed have. When I was attending SIUe in October of 2019, I emailed the parking services staff about the privacy concerns I had about the new Chargepoint stations that were being installed and encouraged them to install non-networked stations instead.

SIUe Cyberstalking Feature

Every SIUe student, faculty and staff member’s full name, year, address and phone number has been available through the university search engine for years. It could facilitate stalking and it’s a huge data privacy concern. It should at least be behind a login portal and remove phone numbers and addresses.

Exposing Zoom

Since COVID-19 spread everywhere, the world now relies on Zoom to provide video communication for job meetings, university classrooms, courtrooms, government meetings, mental health services and personal interactions. It is based in China, a surveillance state country with little government/corporate separation currently committing cultural genocide against Uyghurs. Zoom itself has an awful security and privacy track record and contains known malicious features. What could possibly go wrong?