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The Self

There is no isolated, unchanging self that answers to the name of “I”. The feeling that there is this self, this center to the flow of experience, is only an illusion. Experience has no center. The self is the unbearable burden that we’re all better off without.

The Victim Mentality Versus Individual Responsibility

This is a compare and contrast of two seemingly opposing ideas. What I hope to show is that actually they are just two ways of talking about the same thing. I hope to find some common ground between left and right ideology. One is often referred to as “the victim mentality” and the other is what I call “individual responsiblity fetishism”. The Victim Mentality In the United States, the extreme political left is seen as propping up this mindset. The victim mentality is when a person has the mentality that they are not “responsible” for anything that is happening or has happened to them.