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The Addiction to Thinking

Thinking is the world’s most common addiction and the first step to recovery is recognizing there’s a problem.

[Documentary] The Norden: Prison

The Norden

The Norden is a documentary series made in 2014 first aired by Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE. It presents the Nordic welfare model from an outsider’s perspective. The first episode looks at the Norwegian prison system. It captures so much of what’s wrong with “tough” prisons like those in America and most importantly it shows a better alternative. It promotes a prison model based on rehabilitation, not revenge.

[Book] Waking Up

Waking Up is a refreshing, rational middleground on spirituality avoiding both denial of spiritual experiences by skeptics and mystical woo-woo peddled by Deepak Chopra and other pseudointellectuals.

On Spirituality

This post serves as a guide on how to interpret my previous posts on spirituality while explaining the purpose for future spiritual writing and suggests reasons why spiritual experiences and ideas are so hard to talk about.

[Video] Atheist Debates - Argument From Design, Part 1: Order and Purpose

Matt Dillahunty refutes the argument that a god must exist because the universe requires a designer.

[Video] Atheist Debates - Argument From Design, Part 2: What Are the Odds?

Matt Dillahunty refutes the argument that natural explanations are improbable, so god must’ve created everything.

[Video] Atheist Debates - Pascal's Wager

Matt Dillahunty thoroughly refutes Pascal’s Wager.

[Video] Atheist Debates - Supernatural Causation

Matt Dillahunty discusses the difficulty of demonstrating the supernatural.

[Fable] The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant

Rockstar philosopher Nick Bostrom uses fable to convince us why humanity must cure death as quickly as possible.

[Podcast] The Key to Trump's Appeal

About 40% of the US population is wondering how the hell someone like Donald J. Trump ever became president. The other half of the country offers a range of different answers, none quite convincing. Sam Harris suggests an underlying psychological factor that is a counterbalance to the left’s political correctness.