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Get an Anonymous Phone Number with is the best service I’ve come across for an anonymous phone number. There is no third party Javascript. The web portal is available in several languages. It requires no personally identifiable information (PII) to sign up and supports 2-factor authentication. It has a reasonable price tag and a v3 onion address for Tor. It supplies landline, mobile, SIM mobile and toll-free phone numbers from all over the world. You can pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Perfect Money.

Remote Fair Coin Flipping with Friends

This post is mostly just for amusement. It’s my half-hearted attempt at designing a cryptosystem.

Using Email

Most email users are using email the worst way possible. Let’s talk about the right way to use email.

Use Free Software

Free software is defined by the four essential freedoms. Learn why each freedom is essential and how they work together to protect users.

SIUe Unauthenticated SMTP Server

American colleges and universities are institutions with some of the weakest cybersecurity where you would expect better. This makes them easy targets for hackers. The reason is they don’t have strong incentives to do better. Unless having poor cybersecurity is going to lose money, business as usual will continue and unauthenticated email servers will stay online.

Back Up Your Data

This post is a public service announcement about backups inspired by the post I lost. I’ve had my own backups for over 5 years, and never have I lost any data from those backups. The following advice is meant for individuals, not a corporate or business setting.

SIUe e-ID Creation and Maintenance Problems

Somehow SIUe can’t create a decent looking webpage for managing your own university account. It should undergo a complete redesign, but that probably won’t happen for a while since it isn’t losing the university money.

Exposing Zoom

Since COVID-19 spread everywhere, the world now relies on Zoom to provide video communication for job meetings, university classrooms, courtrooms, government meetings, mental health services and personal interactions. It is based in China, a surveillance state country with little government/corporate separation currently committing cultural genocide against Uyghurs. Zoom itself has an awful security and privacy track record and contains known malicious features. What could possibly go wrong?

Rejecting Visual Studio

This is my free software story. This semester I took Intro to Artificial Intelligence at SIUe. Artificial Intelligence is a senior level course. I’ll call the professor, “Professor X” to preserve anonymity.

Inception - Rejecting Discord,, and Visual Studio

This is my free software story. In the spring of 2018, I took software engineering at SIUe. Software engineering is a junior level CS course. In my view, it serves as preparation for the more demanding two semester development effort that is the senior project. I’ll call the professor, “Professor X” to preserve anonymity.