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[Video] You Should Delete Your Whatsapp ASAP

TheHatedOne tells us why no one should be using Whatsapp.

Dead Man's Switch

The dead man’s switch is a powerful self-defense tool that is automatically triggered when the human operator dies. It is your insurance policy that contains digital dirt on your aggressor.

[Article] You Should Be Using an Old Computer

There is a war being waged on general-purpose computing. Every year manufacturers come up with new ways to make your computer harder to repair thereby increasing e-waste. Every year software companies make their ecosystems more locked down giving you less and less control over your own devices. To not use an old Thinkpad is to be on the wrong side of this war.

Consumer Data Protection is a Distraction

“User data is protected by the strict privacy laws of (insert country here)”, “We don’t log your IP, trust us!” and “We provide next-generation security!” are all industry lies. Don’t fall for them. No one knows how to fully secure data on a computer let alone an entire organization. Businesses can’t protect your data. Don’t give it to them.

[Video] Fixing Social Media for Good

Recent events have brought the issue of social media censorship to the forefront. Luke Smith proposes federated platforms as a permanent fix for social media censorship.

[Video] TikTok - a Trojan Horse into China's Dystopia

If you’re a US-based company that endangers national security through personal data collection and manipulation of public opinion through propoganda (Facebook) you get a slap on the wrist from the FTC while the NSA pats you on the back. If you’re a Chinese-based company doing more or less the same (ByteDance) you get an executive order banning you from doing business in the United States.

On Blockchain

Can blockchain live up to the hype? Can its problems be fixed? What is its future? What about DAGs? What is the future of cryptocurrency? I have several predictions.

IPv6 Adoption

There aren’t enough IPv4 addresses to go around. IPv6 is long overdue. Find out how IPv4 still works and why we haven’t fully transitioned to IPv6 yet.

Social Media Alternatives

You don’t want to miss out on social media, but you also don’t want to deal with tracking scripts, ads and other nonsense that comes along with using proprietary walled garden platforms. Luckily there are publicly available privacy-respecting alternative front-ends for popular social media sites.

Atom and RSS

Atom/RSS feeds make it easy to keep your distance from proprietary walled garden social media platforms without missing out on their content. Most of the major social media networks support Atom/RSS.