I see you’ve made it to my about page. I write this blog to educate, inform and share my ideas and experiences. This blog is mainly for the intellectually curious. I offer my philosophy on the world which, at times, sounds very similar to ideas of those in the people section below. However, my own views are often nuanced and always in my own words.

I started this blog in late March after I was faced with the ethical dilemma of either dropping out of my college classes as a senior giving up all the progress I’d made or giving up my computing freedom. I chose to keep my freedom, and I’m probably the first person in history to have dropped out over proprietary software. I started this blog to share that experience. Professors used to tell me I have strong reasoning skills and I should share more often. So I decided to expand the scope of my blog beyond free software so that readers could benefit more. Since then, blogging has become like therapy for me in a way. I need for my ideas to be out there for everyone and I finally have a public platform to make that happen.

As for me, I prefer not to put my personal biography/history on this about page. I’m not going to list my activities, hobbies, character traits or anything too “me”. I might talk about my personal experiences in my blog posts insofar as they support my ideas, but my blog is chiefly about ideas and that’s what I want readers to focus on. When you have controversial ideas or you’re a controversial figure, it often happens that the conversation becomes about you as a person and not about your ideas. Yes, while I technically host this website and write content for it, it’s not meant to be about me as a person. With that said, I am looking for work. For business inquiries, send me an email.

If you read my blog posts and you think my ideas are valuable, please consider making a donation. My blog will always be free of charge. I will never put ads on my blog. I don’t get paid to write blog posts. As it stands, my site is fully supported by my own income. My current goal is to get enough donations so that my blog pays for itself. Any amount is appreciated.




My BTC and LTC addresses don’t change, so you won’t be fully anonymous. Ko-fi uses Paypal which requires running proprietary Javascript.

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